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Emmune is a biotechnology startup developing a novel approach for treating and preventing HIV infection.

The HIV Pandemic

Nearly half of the 38 million people currently living with HIV do not have access to antiretroviral therapy. Providing a daily supply of antiretroviral drugs to all 38 million people infected with HIV has proven to be a logistical and economic challenge. Complicating treatment efforts further, inconsistent access or adherence to antiretroviral drugs promotes the... [more]

The Challenge Of HIV

Developing a safe and effective vaccine against HIV is a daunting scientific challenge due to the traits of HIV that allow it to replicate continuously for years in the face of intense host immune responses. In contrast, most viruses with effective vaccines need to spread to their next host before being eradicated by an effective... [more]

Our Solution: eCD4-Ig

The immune system responds to viral or bacterial pathogens by generating antibodies. Antibodies can provide immunity against viral infections by sticking to viruses, thereby physically blocking infection of host cells. However, HIV evolves to escape antibody responses faster than the immune system can generate new antibodies that recognize the escaped viruses. The inability of the... [more]