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Michael Farzan Portrait

Michael Farzan, PhD

Dr. Michael Farzan’s invention of eCD4-Ig is built on two decades of his research. Dr. Farzan discovered that HIV binds to its co-receptor, CCR5, by recognizing a chemical modification present on CCR5. Recognition of this modification, known as tyrosine sulfation, plays an important role in the inherent resistance of HIV to antibodies. Because the modified... [more]
Guocai Zhong

Guocai Zhong, PhD

Life-long prophylaxis or treatment through a single administration of a gene therapy vector would be transformative for many diseases, including HIV, but irreversible intervention is not without risk. In case of adverse events, it would be important to have the option of inactivating the therapeutic gene or vector. Dr. Guocai Zhong’s research focuses on developing... [more]

Michael Alpert, PhD

Founder and President
Dr. Michael Alpert is the President and a co-founder of Emmune, Inc. Dr. Alpert has worked on experimental vaccines for HIV since 2005, when he was a graduate student at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Alpert’s dissertation research helped to understand the mechanisms of protective immunity provided by experimental vaccines against HIV. At the time when... [more]
Matthew Gardner

Matthew Gardner, PhD

Dr. Gardner has driven the eCD4-Ig project since his time as a graduate student at Harvard Medical School. His study, published in Nature, demonstrated that eCD4-Ig delivered by an AAV vector can sustain protective concentrations of eCD4-Ig in blood for at least one year. Dr. Gardner’s research currently focuses on optimization of eCD4-Ig and the... [more]
Charles C Bailey

Charles Bailey, DVM DACVP

Dr. Charles Bailey earned his undergraduate degree in biology from M.I.T. and his D.V.M. from the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. Following residency training at the New England Primate Research Center at Harvard Medical School, he achieved board-certification in veterinary anatomic pathology (Dipl. ACVP). After residency, Dr. Bailey joined the laboratory of Dr. Michael... [more]